SpeedUp FURIOUS is an electronic and smart speed release device that needs no external power.

It is designed for use with SHIMANO STEPS E6000, E6001, E6002, E6100, E7000, E8000 and E8080 motors, to circumvent the 25km/h speed limit and allow for an increase in its active assistance up to speeds of 50km/h by exploiting the excellent SHIMANO motor’s power to the full.

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What is SpeedUp Furious?

SpeedUp FURIOUS is an electronic and intelligent speed release device that requires no external power supply.

It is designed for SHIMANO STEPS E6000, E6001, E6002, E6100, E7000E8000 and E8080 engines to evade the speed block at 25 kmH, allowing it to increase its active assistance up to a speed of 50 KmH (info), making full use of the potential of the excellent engine.

Speedup FURIOUS can be mounted very simply, inserting the CONNECTORS with which no modification is necessary.
It does not modify the Shimano engine electronics, which can be reset at any time and in a few minutes by disconnecting the device.

This allows the guarantee and the effective commercial value of the bicycle to remain unchanged.

Once installed and activated, the bicycle tachograph will show half its speed and data making it possible, by simply multiplying in mind by two, the calculation of the actual speed and kilometers traveled.

Furious for Shimano Steps E6000, E6001, E6002, E6100, E7000E8000 and E8080 is available in two versions:

EASY version for  E6000, E6001, E6002, E6100, E7000E8000 and E8080: from the moment of installation the device is working, always active, can not be deactivated.
Available in only one version with CONNECTORS (it is not necessary to cut any wire).

On / Off version Lights only for E6002,E6100E7000E8000 and E8080: The device can be activated and deactivated comfortably by the LIGHT command of the ebike. With the device activated, the reading of the speed and of the distances on the display is halved, thus obtaining the doubling of the real speed. If the ebike does not mount lights powered by the Shimano system battery, it is almost always necessary to activate the light output (once per forever) to allow the device to operate on / off.
– The SC-E8000 display allows activation of the Lights output by connecting via Bluetooth and the Shimano E-Tube application (available on Playstore) or with the Shimano SM-PCE1 (here the guide) interface normally held by Shimano resellers.
– The SC-E6010 display, which also has a physical button only for the lights, allows the activation of the output only with the Shimano SM-PCE1 (here the guide) interface normally held by Shimano dealers.
– The SC-E6000 display with relative handlebar control, allows the activation of the output only with the Shimano SM-PCE1 (here the guide) interface normally held by Shimano dealers.

Also this device is available in only one version with CONNECTORS (it is not necessary to cut any wire).

NOTE 1: These devices are NOT suitable for bikes with electronically operated Shimano DI2 gearboxes. The version that will work with this change is under construction.

NOTE 2: The Furious devices, WHEN ACTIVATED, due to their peculiarity of letting the motor perceive half of the turns of the wheel, can cause discontinuity of supply in a VERY LOW SPEED (normally less than 6 kmH real). For this reason we recommend the Activatable / Disable version so that you can disable the speed release in such situations and avoid the occurrence of the problem.

Ebike software compatible with furious

The operation of the Furious devices is guaranteed only for the Shimano software versions released until 20/05/2019.
Before buying the Furious device or upgrading your engine it is advisable to check the compatibility.
If the ebike used software version after 05/20/2019 (or was incorrectly updated) we can provide instructions to downgrade and restore correct operation; for installation, however, the Shimano interface, normally available from retailers, is required.


The main features


– Can be disassembled / disassembled at any time without leaving any trace

– The version with CONNECTORS does not require any modification to the original parts of the bicycle

– Allows you to adjust speed with assistance activated even 50 kmH (info)

– Installable in a few minutes, ready to use, plug and go

– Suitable for Shimano Steps E6000, E6001, E6002, E6100, E7000E8000 and E8080 engines mounted by many homes

– Activated and deactivated by the ebike Lights control (the on / off lighting version)

– It does not need batteries or external power supply



Video Istruzioni di Montaggio

The following video explains the steps to mount your device FURIOUS. The procedure is the same for the GHOST.

SpeedUp GHOST on/off light for Shimano E8000 with connect


How to activate Shimano E6000 E8000 light output with SM-PCE1 interface


How to activate the light output on ebike Shimano with the E-Tube Project Shimano app

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Once the SpeedUp speed release device has been installed, the electric bicycle, being over the limit of 25 kmH, is equated to a moped and as such, if it circulates in public places, requires the homologation-registration by the Civil Motorization, it is subject to payment of road tax and insurance coverage, must have a license plate, cannot travel on cycle paths and the driver is obliged to drive with a license and must wear a helmet. Furthermore, driving a motor bike equivalent to a moped that does not comply with the aforementioned provisions involves the administrative seizure of the vehicle and fines that vary according to the infringement committed.
The manufacturer of the speed release system accepts no responsibility for any damage caused to the pedal assisted bicycles on which the device is mounted as well as to direct or indirect damage to people or things.
Please note that changing the bicycle invalidates the manufacturer’s warranty.

The operation of the SpeedUp devices is guaranteed for the software versions of the ebikes released up to the date of purchase of the device itself.
If the ebike is subsequently updated with software for which the SpeedUp device has not been tested, it may fail to work and SpeedUp does not respond with the guarantee.
Before updating your engine it is necessary to check the compatibility with your SpeedUp device.

NB: All the brands mentioned on this site are named exclusively to identify the models of engines and bicycles on which our devices are compatible. They are the property of the respective owners and are in no way related to our company.

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